Accessible library services


Celia is a national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland, working toward equality in reading and learning. Celia e-books are intended for people who have difficulty reading printed text (for example due to vision loss or learning difficulties). If you have a print disability and need accessible media, contact your library to register for Celia’s services free of charge.

The Sign Language Library (in Finnish)

The Sign Language Library is an online service maintained by the Finnish Association of the Deaf. The material is easy to access and does not require registering.

The Multilingual Library

The Multilingual library offers immigrants the possibility to read literature in their native language. The multilingual collection has library items for adults, young people and children in approximately 80 languages. You can ask the staff at any Kirkes library to order books from the Multilingual Library.

Easy-to-read Books in Finnish

Easy-to-read Finnish (selkokieli) is easier to understand than standard Finnish. It’s target audience is people who have difficulty reading or understanding standard language. Search by keyword ‘selkokieli’ in the library catalog.

Large Print Books

You can borrow large print books from all Kirkes libraries. Search by keyword ‘isotekstiset kirjat’ in the library catalog.

Homebound Service

Library homebound service is intended for people who are not able to come to the library on their own due to illness or disability. The service guarantees equal access to library services. Contact your library for more information.