All patrons will receive only one message of notification for their hold when it's ready for pick up. The second reminder notice is temporarily not in use.


Everyone's Library

The library is open to all.

Everyone can come to the library as long as they follow the rules. You can read and borrow books for free. You can also borrow music, films and games.

The library charges a fee if you do not return your loans. You also need to pay if you lose or damage your loans.

Library Card

You can get a library card by telling us your address and showing your picture ID. If you are under 15 years old, you need permission from your parent/guardian.

You need a library card when you borrow materials or use other library services. The library gives you a PIN code, which you need for the self-checkout machine, online services, library computers or self-service library.

A library card is intended for personal use. You are responsible for the materials borrowed with your card.

Be sure to notify the library immediately if your card is lost. After notification, the responsibility is transferred to the library. The library will charge a fee for a new card.

Please let us know if your name or address changes. You need a picture ID when you change your information.

You can only have one library card for the Järvenpää, Kerava, Mäntsälä and Tuusula libraries.

A day-care centre, family day-care provider, school or similar can get a community card. The community card must have a responsible person.

Loans, Returns and Renewals

The loan period is 1–42 days. The loan period expires on the due date when the library closes.

The library may limit the number of your loans. You can renew a loan up to five times in a row.

The library observes age limits. Films, TV shows and games are not lent or shown to people under the recommended age. The age limit may be 7, 12, 16 or 18 years.

Some libraries have a book return slot. You can use the slot to return your loans at your own risk.

The interlibrary loan service allows you to borrow materials that are not available in your own library. This service follows the national guidelines and the conditions and fees of the lending library. The interlibrary loan service is subject to a charge.


You can reserve materials from the library’s own collection free of charge. If you do not collect your reservation, you will be charged a fee. A regional reservation is always subject to a charge.

You will be charged an overdue fee if you do not return your loans by the due date. Reminders and debt collection are also subject to a charge.

The overdue fee will start to accrue immediately after the due date. The fee will accrue every day until you return the loan.

The overdue fee will be charged even if you have not received the due date reminder or if you have tried to renew the loan and failed.

For children’s and young people’s materials, we will only charge reminder and debt collection costs. Lost or damaged materials must be compensated for.

The library is not responsible for any damage caused by borrowed recordings.

Losing the right to borrow

You will lose the right to borrow in all KIRKES libraries:

  • if you do not return your loans after the second reminder
  • if your outstanding debts exceed the amount specified by the library
  • if you lose or damage the library’s property.

You will get your right to borrow back:

  • when you return the overdue materials
  • when you pay your fees
  • when you compensate for lost or damaged materials.

A borrowing ban will not prevent you from visiting the library. You can read and use the materials on the library’s premises.

Losing the right to use the library

The library staff may remove a disturbing customer from the library. The disturber may lose the right to use to the library.

You may also lose your right to use to the library if you do not follow the rules of the library or if you damage the library’s property. The use of the library will be prohibited for a fixed period of time, usually 1–30 days.

The prohibition will be given in writing. The prohibition will be ordered by the library manager or equivalent. Both parties will be heard before making the decision.

The prohibition will be entered into the library customer register. The entry will be deleted when the right to use the library is returned after the set period of time.

Violent or pornographic websites must not be browsed on the library’s computers. Such browsing will result in a ban on using the workstations.

Theft will be reported to the police.

  • Failure to abide by library rules
  • Damaging library property
  • Disruptive behavior towards staff or fellow customers.

Data Protection

Personal data is stored in the customer register of KIRKES libraries. The library is also allowed to store the customer’s personal identity code. The information is confidential and is not disclosed to outsiders.

You have the right to inspect your personal data stored in the data file.

The library may have video surveillance and access control systems. You can read the privacy statements for these systems at the library or on the municipality’s website.

Rules and feedback

These rules are valid in the Järvenpää and Kerava city libraries and Mäntsälä and Tuusula municipal libraries. Self-service libraries follow the rules of each library.

You can make requests and give feedback to the library staff.

Updated 5.10.2022