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Customer info

Library card

Your first library card is free of charge.

You can obtain a library card by completing a registration form and presenting a photo ID.

By signing the form, a customer agrees to abide by the library rules. The library card holder is responsible for materials borrowed.

A guardian’s written consent is required for anyone under 15 years of age. The guardian is responsible for materials borrowed by children under 15 years of age.

You can use the services of all Kirkes libraries (Kerava, Järvenpää, Mäntsälä and Tuusula) with the same library card.

Lost library card

If you lose your library card, please notify us immediately. The library card holder (or the guardian of a child under 15) will continue to be responsible for materials borrowed until the card has been reported lost.

Once the card has been reported missing, it cannot be used. Borrowing privileges will be reinstated if the card is found and the card holder has presented proof of identity at the library.

Institutional library card

A day care center, school, or other institution or community can obtain a library card. An institutional library card is for classroom or community use only, not for personal use. Ask for an institutional library card application at your library.

A contact person who works at the institution must be appointed for the card. The contact person is responsible for any fines and fees accrued by possible misuse or personal use of the card.

The loan period for institutional cards is 6 weeks.

Institutional cards are temporary and will expire in 12 months. Reactivating the library card requires a personal visit to your local branch (bring a photo ID).

PIN code

A personal identification number, or PIN, is a a four-digit code attached to your library card. Reserving materials and renewing loans via the online library requires a library card and a PIN code. A PIN is also needed for using the e-library. At some Kirkes libraries you will also need a PIN to use the self-checkout machines. A photo ID must be presented to obtain a PIN code.

A guardian can link the library card of a child under 15 years of age to their own user account. To link the accounts you will need to know both the child’s library card number and PIN.

Changes to personal information

Please notify us of any changes to your contact information at your earliest convenience. The library does not receive change of address notifications submitted to Local Register Offices or Post Office.

You can change your address and other contact information in the online library. To notify us of a name change you need to visit your local library. The guardian can change the contact details of a child under 15 years of age. Be prepared to prove your identity with a photo ID.

Online library

You can browse the collections in the online library without logging in. If you wish to renew your loans, place items on hold, or review your personal information, you need to sign in.

In order to log in to the online library, you need to know your library card number and PIN. A photo ID must be presented to obtain a PIN code at the library.

At first login, your user account will be generated, and you will have access to all online library services.

The online library's account will expire, if you have not signed into the online library within 18 months. When the account expires, the Favourites -lists and saved searches will vanish from the account. Loans, reservations and customer information will not vanish. The online library will send a message regarding the accounts expiration. The account can be restored by signing in with the old login information.

Linking other library cards to your user account

You can link several library cards to your user account and manage them all with a single login. For example, a teacher may link their institutional library card to their personal library card. Both cards can be accessed with a single login.

This feature can also be used with children under 15 years of age. In order to link accounts, you will need to know both the library card number and PIN code for the child’s card.

All library cards linked to the account can be named for ease of use.

Your account

By logging in the online library, you will be able to renew loans, place holds, and access other online library services.

To access your personal information, click on your name or login icon in the top right corner. After logging in select the desired tab to see your account information.

Signing out

When you are finished using the online library, click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select "Log out."

Library notifications

You can make changes to library notification settings in the online library or by visiting your library in person. Bring a photo ID. Library notifications include due date reminder, hold pickup notice, and overdue reminder.

Due date reminder reminds you of the approaching due date. An active e-mail address is needed for due date reminders.

Hold pickup notice is sent out when your hold item is ready for pickup. It can be sent via e-mail, text message, or mail.

First overdue reminder is sent out two weeks after the due date. For overdue items with holds or short-term loans, the reminder will be sent one day after the due date. The second reminder is sent out two weeks after the first reminder. The library account will be blocked after the second reminder.

Late fees must be paid even if you didn’t receive a due date reminder, for instance, due to an incorrect mailing address or email settings.

Loans and renewals

You can have max 150 items on loan at one time. Certain items have limits, for example, you may only have 30 CDs, 30 LPs, 15 DVDs, 15 Blu-rays, 15 VHS tapes, 10 CD-ROMs and 5 video games on loan at one time.

You can set your loan history to be saved in the online library.

Loan periods are 1-6 weeks depending on material type. The most common loan periods are:

  • Books, audio books, and sheet music - 4 weeks
  • Magazines, CDs, CD-ROMs, video games, LPs, Blu-rays, DVDs and new release books - 2 weeks
  • Short-term loans - 1 week

Loan periods for equipment, such as household energy meters and exercise equipment, may vary.

Institutional library card holders (day care centers, schools etc.) have longer loan periods.

You can check your loan periods and due dates from your loan receipt, in the online library, or by calling or emailing your library.

The borrower is responsible for returning items by the due date. If borrowed items have no holds on them, they may be renewed up to five times. Loans can be renewed in the online library, over the phone, by email, or by visiting the library. All materials, like short-term loans or athletic equipment, cannot be renewed.

Short term loans

Short-term loans are typically popular new items and bestsellers.

Loan periods for short-term loans are 7 days, and they cannot be reserved or renewed. Kerava library's short-term loan can be renewed once. Short-term loans can be found on marked shelves (look for Pikalainat).

The late fee for short-term loans is 0,50 € / item / day. An overdue reminder will be sent one day after the due date.


Loans must be returned latest on the due date by library closing time. Some Kirkes libraries have a book drop available for after hours returns. Items returned in the book drop will be processed when the library reopens.

Suspension of borrowing privileges

A customer’s borrowing privileges will be temporarily suspended after the second overdue reminder is sent out, if library fines exceed 20 euros, or for losing or damaging library property. The suspension is in effect at all Kirkes libraries.

The borrowing suspension does not prevent the customer from using library materials, computers and collections, or attending events on library premises.

Borrowing privileges will be reinstated when materials are returned, and late fees paid. If materials are lost or damaged, replacement costs must be paid before borrowing privileges are returned.

Library holds

To reserve materials in the online library, you first need to log in using your library card number and PIN code. If you do not have a PIN, present a photo ID at the library to obtain one.

How to place a hold

  • Search for the title you want to reserve in the online library.
  • Click the “Place a hold on this title” button and select which library you want to pick it up from.
  • Submit your request.
  • You will receive a notification from the library when your hold is available for pickup.

You can freeze (temporarily suspend) your library holds e.g. for holidays and have them delivered at a later date.

You can reserve items free of charge from any Kirkes library, however, a hold fee of 1,50 € will be charged if the item is not picked up (this also applies to children's and youth collections).

Materials from Ratamo libraries

Kirkes and Ratamo (Hausjärvi, Hyvinkää, Loppi, Nurmijärvi, and Riihimäki) libraries have an agreement to provide customers with the option of reserving materials from their libraries for a lower fee than a regular interlibrary loan. The Ratamo library hold fee is 2€ per item. A Ratamo library hold can be placed in person at your library.

Järvenpää school libraries

Järvenpää school libraries’ materials are only available to students and teachers. The materials appear in the online library, but cannot be reserved. The school library materials must always be returned to the same library they were borrowed from.

Suggestion for purchase

Kirkes libraries welcome suggestions for their collections. All suggestions will be taken into consideration; however, some items cannot be acquired or are not available for library use.

Before submitting your suggestion, please check the online library to see if your item is already in the collection. It usually takes 1-6 months for ordered materials to arrive.

A suggestion for purchase can be made in person at the library, via email or, at some libraries, by filling a suggestion form online.

Interlibrary loans

If you wish to borrow materials not available at Kirkes libraries, you may request an interlibrary loan. You can place an interlibrary loan request at any Kirkes library.

Before submitting your interlibrary loan request, please check with the staff or the online library to see if your item is already in the collection. Fees for interlibrary loans can be found on each Kirkes library's website. Typically, the interlibrary loan fee is a minimum of 7 € / loan, or any potential copy charges. If an interlibrary loan is ordered from abroad, the customer pays all charges.

Interlibrary loans have charges associated with them. Fees for interlibrary loans can be found on each Kirkes library's website. If an interlibrary loan is ordered from abroad, the customer pays all charges.

Due dates for interlibrary loans are determined by the lending library. Replacement costs for lost or damaged items are also determined by the lending library and may be significantly higher than the same costs at Kirkes libraries.

Interlibrary loans must be returned to the same library they were picked up from.

You can make an interlibrary loan request in person at the library, by email or via an online form.

Library fees

There is no charge for borrowing materials. The library does however charge for overdue loans, uncollected holds, and some other services.

Late fees

Late fees and overdue reminder fees are collected for items not returned by the due date. Late fees start accruing the day after the due date. Only overdue reminder fees are charged for children's materials.

Late fee (excluding children's collection): 0,50 € / item / week.

Short term loan: 0,50 € / item / day.

The maximum payment for late fees is 40 € / borrower if all loans are returned or renewed at one time, and late fees are paid at the same library visit.

Overdue reminder fee 1 € / item.

The late fee will be collected even if renewing loans online was unsuccessful due to a connection or other technical failure. Late fees must also be paid if the due date reminder was not received, for example, due to email settings or an incorrect mailing address.

Making a payment

Late fees and hold fees can be paid online or in person at the library. Online payments are made by logging into the online library using your library card number and PIN code. For online payments, your customer information must include an active email address.

As a guardian for a child under 15, you may pay both your own fines and your child’s fines online. Your child’s fines will appear on the list with the child’s name.

You can also make linked library card payments online. All payments due can be seen on the Fines tab. Select a library card to view fines posted for each card.

Library card

Your first library card is free of charge.

The cost for a replacement card is 3,00 €, or 1,50 € for children under 15 years of age.

Invoiced materials

An invoice for unreturned material is sent out seven weeks after the due date. If the invoice is not paid by its due date, it will be turned over to a collection agency, after which the customer must deal directly with the collection agency to settle the payment.

Children's materials are also invoiced, if they are not returned after the second overdue reminder. The guardian of a child under 15 is responsible for the child's loans.

The replacement cost for lost or a damaged DVD or Blu-ray is 35 € /item. Magazines cost 5€ to replace (children's and youth magazines 3 €). The full purchase price will be charged for any other lost or damaged library material (books, video games, audio books, etc.).

Customers may also compensate for a lost or damaged item by bringing in a replacement copy.

Exceptions: DVD's, Blu-ray's, and VHS-tapes cannot be replaced with a new copy due to copyright issues. Please contact your library if you have questions about our policy on lost and damaged materials.

Replacement costs are non-refundable.

Suspension of library privileges

The library staff is entitled to remove a disruptive customer from the library. Disruptive behavior can lead to a suspension of library privileges.

A suspension of library privileges means the customer is temporarily banned from using library services.

Reasons for library suspension:

  • Failure to abide by library rules.
  • Damaging library property.
  • Disruptive behavior towards staff or fellow customers.

Library suspension can last 1-30 days. The suspension also applies to the self-service library. Thefts are reported to the police.

Before receiving a library suspension both parties have the right to be heard. Suspensions can be given verbally, or in writing. A suspension can be ordered by the library director or a staff member authorized by the library director. The suspension will be entered in the library's customer database. The entry will be removed at the end of the suspension.

Viewing violent or pornographic content on library computers will result in a suspension of computer use in the library.

Data protection

Customer information will be recorded in the Kirkes library database. All customer information is private and confidential and will not be released to any outside party.

The library has the right to register the customer's personal identification number (Data Protection Act 1050/2018, 29 §). According to the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), individuals have the right to access and review their personal data recorded. This also applies to the guardian's dependent children under 15 years of age.

The library may have an attendance management system or a video surveillance system that forms a personal data file.

The Privacy Policy for the library's customer database and for the attendance management and video surveillance systems is available at the library and on each individual municipality’s website.

Library rules